Entry #2


2010-05-10 03:55:51 by SwanBrown


Previews Of Things I'm developing...  Swan  Apps  get it?

Okay, I know It's a terrible pun.


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2010-05-10 03:59:40

Very cool stuff in the flash portal. If you vote on under judgment stuff you can get blams and saves.

SwanBrown responds:

Sorry, but I don't have anything in the flash portal,

Thanks for the kind words anyhow :)


2013-11-08 21:41:10

Hey! Your Random Canyon looks familiar. Is that overlooking Salt Lake City, or am I just losing my mind? It could just be the video messing with my head. :P

SwanBrown responds:

hmm it's hard to say. I was snatching up images all over the place to make that vid. half the time, I was grabbing stuff from in the source code because the title had one of the words I was looking for... so... I'd say 50/50. :)

most people pointedly don't mention that video to me. almost like they are afraid that ti would be encouraging bad behaviour. heh.

WELL, IT'S TOO LATE! I'VE tasted the heady delights of flash and actionscript. I HAVE ONLY BEGUN TO MISBEHAVE AND EMBARRASS those who would save me from my self!

Muah! HA! ha! ha!...